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Brightly Blooming Sea of Flowers in Taitung & Hualian

The annual “Sea of Flowers” festivals in Taitung and Hualien have begun. The festivals are taken places in 12 townships of Hualien and Taitung this year. With vast fields of colorful blooming flowers offer the tourists a mesmerized view and fresh breeze from the east coast seashore. This time from the main 5 towns, Hualien Fuli Township, Taitung Chihshang Township, Guanshan Township, Chenggong Township, and Beinan Township has offered the “Sea of flowers” festivals. In addition, the East Rift Valley also offered 300 hectares of rapeseed flower field and 102 hectares of sea of cosmos bipinnatus.
Furthermore, in each township has its theme décor, there are Fuli Township’s “Fanning of Peacocks’ Tail”, Chihshang Township’s “ Four Seasons’ Sea of Flowers”, Guanshan Township’s “Puzzle of Ground”, Beinan Township “Flower Heart, Farming & Bamboo Hat”, and Chenggong Township’s “ Sunrise.” According to the Council of Agriculture, this year they use the vanilla, edible plants and fruits to decorate the fields, which allow the tourists, not only admire the beautiful sceneries, but also get to learn about how to make these ingredients to a savory gourmet.
The “Sea of Flower” fields are expected to lasts in full bloom until the Chinese New Year in February. During the Chinese New Year each township’s Farmers’ Association will provides shuttle tours, tour guide, fresh cuisine by local agricultural products. Looking for a place to go for the upcoming holidays? Now is the time to visit the beautiful Hualien and Taitung for your holiday escape.

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