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Taitung Attractions

Taitung County ─ Baxian Cave (Eight Immortals Cave)
These 150 meter-high caves are located on the cliff wall on the coast of Taitung; shaped by centuries of pounding wave. Although there are as many as 14 holes, only eight are caves. They are named Lingyen, Chaoyin, Yan-an, Hairen, Chaoyang, Chienyuan, Hongchen, and Kunglung Caves.

Inside the caves are statues of the gods placed by worshippers; the incense burning is almost non-stop all year around. There are also several passages leading into the inner cave. In the caves higher up the cliff, archeologists had discovered remains of the Changping culture which is believed to be five to six thousand years old.

The beaches in the vicinity are perfect spots for viewing the sea, the sunset or fishing.


No.1-4,Shuimuding,Changbin Township,Taitung County,Taiwan (R.O.C.)

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Drive on your own:
From Taitung: No. 11 Provincial Highway (11號省道) -> Malan Gas Station (馬蘭加油站) -> Fugang (富岡) -> Dongho (東河) -> Chenggong (成功) -> Changbin (長濱) -> Baxian Cave (八仙洞)

By Bus:
Take Dingdong Bus (鼎東客運) bound for JIngpu (靜浦) to Baxian Cave (八仙洞). Visitors may also take Taichi Bus (台汽客運) at Chenggong (成功) bound for Hualien (花蓮) or Jingpu (靜浦) to Changyen (長演) or Baxian Cave (八仙) stop.

Taitung Hotels

Century Hotel

Century Hotel
Located in Jhihben Hot Spring Area, design for business and …
TWD 7,800+

Fish Hotel Taitung

Fish Hotel Taitung
With a nice location in downtown Taitung City close to Taitu…
TWD 2,600+

F HOTEL Chihpen

F HOTEL Chihpen
F HOTEL Chihpen is located on Provincial Highway no.9. Surro…
TWD 2,800+

Yawan Spa Hotel

Yawan Spa Hotel
Yawan Spa Hotel is a hot spring hotel set in a famous hot sp…
TWD 1,800+

Papago International Resort

Papago International Resort
Papago International Resort is a luxurious Taitung resort wo…
TWD 5,500+

Rainbow Resort

Rainbow Resort
Taitung Jhihben Rainbow Resort is a well-fitted Taitung Jhih…
TWD 2,880+

Taitung Luminous Hot Spring Res…

Taitung Luminous Hot Spring Resort & Spa
Taitung Luminous Hot Spring Resort & Spa offers luxurious ho…
TWD 4,900+

Feng Lin Tingyuan Homestay

Feng Lin Tingyuan Homestay
Located in downtown Taitung City, Feng Lin Tingyuan Homestay…
TWD 1,500+