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Taipei City ─ Taipei Railway Workshop
Taipei Railway Workshop-
Located at Civic Boulevard Sec. 5, near the Living Mall, the Taipei Railway Workshop was constructed in 1935 during the Japanese colonial period. Having to fix, repair and maintain railway carriages of the Taiwan Railway 70 years, it was known as the Train Hospital. After the workshop relocated in Fugang, Taoyuan, Taipei Railway Workshop is now discharged with honor and designated as a city historical site.

Taipei Railway Workshop is around 16.8 hectares, roughly divided into four sites with twelve factories in it, each with a specific usage. Such as the assembly factory, metalworking factory, engine room, head office, and bathhouse represents the significance in the railway industry development in Taiwan. Taipei Railway Workshop is precious rare factory architecture design from the Japanese occupation period. Some of the important equipment such as a steam hammer manufactured in 1889 is preserved in the building. The engine room is the heart of Taipei Railway Workshop, there are two fuel boilers and a coal one retained for historical value. Sticking high outside the plant is the industrial chimney which is a significant landmark of the area.

The bathhouse is probably one of the more known parts of Taipei Railway workshop, where it’s been the shooting scenes of several movies such as movies by Jay Chow and Luc Besson. The bathhouse was designated a historical site in 2000. Built with a high degree of design and casting, the bathhouse provides exclusive water faucets with consistent flow that can be rotated 360 degrees. A significant dedication to the railway industry in the past, now Taipei Railway Workshop is seeking to transform into something else.
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scenery features:

Built in 1930 during the Japanese Colonial Period, Taipei Railway Workshop served significantly throughout ages. It has been maintaining, repairing, and remodeling trains around Taiwan. Now discharged with honor and designated as a city historical site.

service facilities:

Xinyi District Office

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Take MRT and get off at Taipei City Hall Station
then take a taxi

By Bus
Take no.669 City Bus get off at Living Mall Stop
Taipei Railway Workshop is across the street