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Keelung City ─ Keelung Bisha Fishing Port
Keelung Bisha Fishing Port-
Located in Zhongzheng District of Keelung, Bisha Fishing Port is one of the popular tourist attractions in Northern Taiwan. It is also home to a major public fish market where visitors can buy some Taiwan’s freshest seafood with extremely low price.

The well organized fish market is divided into two parts, the fish market and food court. One end, the market offers wide variety of seafood including live or fresh seafood from deep-sea, inshore, coastal and cultured marine harvests while the other end, food court offers a long line of seafood restaurants ready to serve the freshest Keelung Bisha Fishing Port has to offer.
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By Bus:
Take bus route 103, exit at Bisha Fishing Port.

By Train:
Take a train to Keelung Train Station, transfer to bus route 103, exit Bisha Fishing Port