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Tainan Attractions

Tainan City ─ Taijiang National Park
Officially recognized as Taiwan’s 8th national Park on December 28th 2009, Taijiang National Park is Taiwan’s eighth national park. The other seven Taiwan national parks are Dongshan, Kenting, Kinmen, Sheipa,Taroko, Yangminshan,and Yushan. Located in Anping District of Tainan City, Taijiang National Park embraces a total area of 39, 310 hectares, with 5, 321 hectares of land area covering Yunshui River Valley to coastlands of Zengwen River Valley in Tainan City, and Chiku Lagoon, Chiku Black-faced Spoonbill Refuge, west side of Dachaogou, and many other areas in Tainan County. The sea range is comprised of an area of 34, 405 hectares covering the navigation waterway areas of the Hans; Dongjidao (Dungji Island) to Luerhmen, Tainan City.

Taijiang National Park features five areas of ecological protection area, special sceneries area, historical sites preservation area, leisure area, and general protection area. The park is enriched with precious wetlands, marine wildlife resources, and distinctive ecological species can be found, such as mangroves, black-faced spoonbills, beishanwei shorebirds, etc. The distinctive areas of lagoon, wetland, sandbar, tideland, and other tidal areas brought a wide array of ecosystems. Nevertheless, cetaceans were found here in recent years! The southwest tidal land is also an important route for the migratory birds for hibernation in winter as well as more than half of the population of the endangered species- black-faced spoonbills come to the national park for surviving through winter. The preserved wetlands and environments of the Taijiang National Park are heaven for endangered ecosystems.

No.No.2,Chengping Rd.,Anping Dist.,Tainan City,Taiwan (R.O.C.)

scenery features:

Qigu salt fields & wetlands
Qigu lagoon
Wangzailiao sandbank
Qingshan Harbor sandbank
Black-faced spoonbill reserve

opening hours:

Taijiang National Park Headquarters
No. 2 Chengping Road, Anping District, Tainan City, Taiwan
Service Hours: 08:30-17:30

additional activities:

Experience bamboo rafting to see the precious nature of Taijiang National Park.


Sicao Bridge -> Sicao Battery -> Sicao Dazhong Temple -> Sicao Wild Zoo -> Mangrove Green Tunnel -> Sperm Whale Exhibition Center -> Salt-pans Eco-village -> Tainan Technology Industrial Park Eco-reserve area -> Luermen Sheng Mu Miao (Sheng Mu Temple) -> Luermen Tianhou Temple

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By bus:
Take Tainan Tourist Bus no. 88 (Anping Route) and 99 (Taijiang Route) to the park.
(Bus connects Tainan Confucius Temple, Chihkan Temple, Minsheng Green Park Cultural Zone, Old Five Channels Cultural Zone, Jhen-bei-fang Cultural Zone, Dong-an-fang Cultural Zone, Taijiang National Park and Anping Historical Zone.)

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