Tainan, the ancient capital of Taiwan, is rich in preserved historical sites, cultures, and tradition dishes. Tainan Travel offers abundant tourist information of sights, hotels, old-time flavors and transportation and many others for your Tainan travel.

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Dairy Products

Eel Noodles

Eel Noodles is a typical local dish of Tainan. It is usually stir fried with high temperature to keep its freshness, and the noodles are tender and juicy. Eel Noodles are usually served in a sweet and sour Tainan flavor. Visitors may also find some stalls selling Eel Noodles in Taipei but taste a little different, in salty and spicy flavor. The Eel Noodles is a popular dish as eels contain high protein. It might not be appealing, but give it a try to experience the extraordinary taste of this typical Tainan delicacy.

Milkfish DelicaciesMilkfish Delicacies

Milkfish, also known as Sabafish is very popular in Tainan. The fish can be made into many different delicacies, including deep-fried milkfish, milkfish-broth seafood crispy noodles, milkfish congee, milkfish balls, milkfish soup, etc. Milkfish has a creamy taste, but one has to be very careful when eating as the fish has many small fish bones. Visitor may find many milkfish restaurants in Tainan providing fresh milkfish dishes, out of these restaurants, Ah-gong’s seafood congee is one of the most popular one. Ah-hang’s seafood congees is made with freshly shucked oysters and milkfish, and served with a fried bread stick. For the seafood congee here, milkfish bones are no longer a big problem since Ah-gong has developed his special technique of getting rid of fish bones.

Shrimp Roll Shrimp Roll

Located in Anping District of Tainan City, Tainan Chou’s Shrimp Roll always brings huge crowd on weekends. The founder of Chou’s Shrimp Roll was once banquets cater in 1965, and shrimp roll was one of his specialties. Chou’s Shrimp Roll was officially named in 1980 after he had created his own special recipe for the shrimp roll. Shrimps are wrapped with pig stomach membrane and deep fried. The three most popular dishes of Chou’s Shrimp Roll are milkfish soup, fish thick soup, and shrimp roll.

Tofu Pudding

Tainan is the birthplace of Tofu Pudding before it became popular in other Taiwan cities. When visiting Tainan, one should not miss tasting the famous Anping Tofu Pudding for its old-time flavor providing a smooth and pure taste. In the past, Tofu Pudding was kept in two heated wooden buckets carried by peddlers on the street. Tofu Pudding was served in a china bowl by adding brown sugar water, peanuts, or other toppings. Today, visitors are provided with many other choices of toppings include Job’s tears, red beans, tapioca, taro, etc. Visitors may find a number of famous Tofu Pudding stores in Anping District such as Chou’s Tofu Pudding, Mao’s Anping Black Sweet Tofu, Shou An Peddler Tofu Pudding, and Tongji Anping Bean Jelly.

Dan-tsu (Danzi) Noodles

Tainan is the home for many delicacies. Among these mouth-watering Tainan delights, Dan-tsu Noodles is both locally and internationally well-known. Dan-tsu Noodles is famed for its tasty soup purely stewed from large pork bones, fresh shrimp, and minced pork that does not grease the soup. A story began in 1985 with a fisherman named Hong wanted to make living during the slack season when he could not go out to fish. To make a living during the period of slack season, Hong created his own noodle recipe with an unique taste containing minced pork and spices and were quite popular.

Tainan – The Land of Oysters

Oyster farming is the main economic sources of villagers in Longshan Village and Cigu Town of Tainan City, nearly 1/3 of the residents work in the oyster farming industry. The soil of Cigu lagoon has a high concentration of salt making it perfect for raising oysters and fish. Visitors may find houses in Longshan village and Cigu Town painted with eye-catching wall paintings telling the life of the people there. If you have a chance to visit Longshan Village, it should be fun to join a 90minute educational and ecological raft tour for an enjoyable experience seeing the mangrove conservation area, fixed fishnet area and oyster farms. Rich in fresh oyster resources, one may taste a wide selection of oyster dishes include fried oysters, oyster omelet, oyster roll, oyster thin noodle soup, as well as the well-known Chou’s Oyster Roll in Tainan either on the street vendors or restaurants.

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