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Tainan Attractions

Tainan City ─ Qigu Salt Mountain
Located in Qigu District, Tainan, Qigu Salt Mountain is one of the most popular attractions in Tainan. Qigu Salt Mountain is set close to Qigu Lagoon, the largest inland lake in Taiwan, which is rich in ecological resources and the habitat for winter migratory birds-black-faced spoonbills. The area's long history of generating salt and its great contribution of nation’s salt production make it a renowned place for rich mineral substance.

There are 2 salt mountains in Qigu Salt Mountain area, the major mound and north mound. The major mound is comprised of 60,000 tons of salt left over from the Taiwan Salt Corporation’s Qigu Salt Fields, which is about 20 meters-tall. Visitors are offered with great views of other salt fields and surroundings when viewing from the top of the mound.

Other than going up to the top of the salt mountains, visitors may also enjoy salty ice-scream at the onsite salt mart, which is only available in Qigu. In addition, there are a number of recreational features include bumper boats, go-kart, and Doo-doo trains making it an interesting Tainan tourist spot for visitors of all ages.

Located right next to Qigu Salt Mountain, the Taiwan Salt Museum is where visitors will be given some ideas of the history of Taiwan salt industry, the science of salt and the use of salt world-wide. Black-Faced Spoonbill Conservation Area, Ocean View Pavilion, and Qigu Lagoon are other attractions nearby that are worth-seeing for one’s Tainan trip.

No.No. 66,Qigu Dist.,,Tainan City,Taiwan (R.O.C.)

scenery features:

The major mound of the salt mountain is comprised of 3.9 tons of salt and about the height of a six-story building.

featured specialties:

Salt coffee, salty popsicle

opening hours:

March – October: 09:00-18:00
November – February: 08:30- 17:30

Qigu Salt Mountain Travel Center:
Monday to Friday

Taiwan Salt Museum
Weekday: 9:00-17:00
Weekend and Holiday: 09:00-17:30
Close on the last Monday of every month.

service facilities:

bumper boats, go-kart, and Doo-doo trains with fee.

expenditure brief:

TWD 50 per person for visitors entering the park by motorcycle, bicycle or on foot
TWD 100 per car for small vehicle
Free for coach taking more than 20 people

Taiwan Salt Museum
Regular Ticket: TWD 130
Concession Ticket: TWD 110, for students and senior citizens 65 years and over
Children Ticket: TWD 30, for children height over 90cm but hasn’t been to primary school
Group ticket: TWD 100, for groups more than 20 people

The above fees are for reference purposes only; actual costs are informed at the actual venue and we do NOT give any prior notice.

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Drive on your own:
No. 1 National Highway (國道一號) -. Exit from Jiali Madou Interchange (麻豆佳里交流道) -> No. 176 County Road (176縣道) -> No. 17 Provincial Highway (台17線) -> 176 County Road (176縣道) or 34-1 County Road (34-1縣道) to Qigu Salt Mountain (七股鹽山)

No. 8 National Highway (國道8號) -> Xinji Interchange (新吉交流道) -> No. 19 Provincial Highway (19號省道) -> Jiali (佳里) -> Qigu (七股) -> 176 County Road (176縣道) -> No. 17 Provincial Highway (台17線) -> follow signs to Qigu Salt Mountain (七股鹽山)

Take Xinnan Bus (興南客運) bound for Jiali (佳里) from Xinyin Train Station (新營火車站) or Tainan Train Station (台南火車站). From Jiali (佳里), take another Xinnan Bus(興南客運) bound for Qigu (七股) to Salt Mountain stop (鹽山站)

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