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Taichung City ─ Yizhong Street Business District
Yizhong, meaning “First Senior High School”, is named after the famous “National Taichung First Senior High School” in Taichung city. Not only located right next to the First Senior High School, the Yizhong Street Business District is also close to the National Taiwan College of Physical Education and the National Taichung Institute of Technology.

With all the major cram schools occupying nearby buildings, the Yizhong Street Business District has transformed into a commercial district packed with youngsters in uniforms. In fact, the locals have given the Yizhong Street a nickname of “Taichung’s Academic Street.” With delicious food and affordable fashion that suit the younger generation, Yizhong Street Business District is a night market that is always crowded during the day as well.

No difference to other Taiwan night markets, Yizhong Street Business District is like one big kitchen for students. Yizhong Street provides a great variety of local Taiwanese delicacies such as Oyster Omelet, Bubble Tea, Stinky To-fu, etc. With much more than just food stalls and school buildings, it also features a wide range of fashion clothing, accessories and gadgets at affordable prices for students too.

The “10e” market in the Yizhong Street area is the most popular market among the new generations for its stocks of the latest and funkiest items on the streets. There is also a restaurant that is “Bathroom themed” in which the whole decoration of the interior and the tableware are all designed to be bathroom-like. So don’t be surprised if they serve a bowl of noodles to you out of a toilet shaped bowl! There are also “Salon street”, “Glasses street” and “Sports street” for various individual need. This is another Taichung must visit spot for your Taichung travel!

,Yizhong St.,North Dist.,Taichung City,Taiwan (R.O.C.)

night market food:

Yizhong fried chicken fillet, shaved ice, 21 stinky tofu

opening hours:

10 a.m. - 11 p.m.

available parking areas:

parking lot
TWD 30 per hour on weekdays, TWD 40 per hour on weekends.

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By Car :
1. National number 1 highway(國道一號), exit Taichung Port Rd offramp(台中市中港路交流道), drive along Taichung Port Rd(中港路), turn left on to Sanming Rd(三民路) towards National Taichung Institute of Technology(台中技術學院) to reach.

By Bus :
1. From Taichung Train Station(台中火車站), take Taichung bus(台中客運) route 35, 41, 70, 71, 100, 102 to reach directly.

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