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Taichung City ─ Taichung Confucius Temple
Taichung Confucius Temple is the latest built Confucius Temple in Taiwan. The temple’s distinct architecture features elements from Song Dynasty while other Confucius Temple in Taiwan is built by the elements of Qing Dynasty architecture. Both the Confucius Temple and Martyr’s Shrine are located near the junction of Shuanshih Road and Lishin Road. Adjacent to each other, both buildings are majestic and grandiose which bring the visitors peaceful and magnificent feelings. The entrance to Confucius Temple is at Shuanshih Road, where two monumental archways guarded the entrance. The main chamber of the temple is dedicated to the impeccable scholar, Confucius himself. And, the annual Confucius’ Birthday Ceremony (Teacher’s Day) takes place at the main chamber of the temple, which holds performances and is one of the grand events to join.

Next to the Confucius Temple is the Martyr's Shrine, which dedicated to patriotic heroes. The Martyr’s Shrine features for a majestic gateway and cypress-lined walkway. If you are enjoying the historic monument, Taichung Confucius Temple should be one of must-visited attraction on your list for your Taichung Travel.

No.30,Sec. 2,Shuangshi Rd.,East Dist.,Taichung City,Taiwan (R.O.C.)

opening hours:

Open Hours:
Closed on Monday

service facilities:

For more information, contact +886 4 2233-2266 (temple) or +886 4 2233-2264 (shrine)

expenditure brief:

There is no admission for charge.
The above fees are for reference purposes only; actual costs are informed at the actual venue and we do NOT give any prior notice.

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By car :
From Chungching Highway Interchange, exit to Taichung City.
Go along Taya Road towards the city direction. At Chianshin Road, turn left and go straight.
Then connect to Peiton Road and right turn to Shuanshih Road southward and you will reach the temple.

Walking: From the train station, head northwest on Zhongzheng Rd. for 100m. Turn right at Shuangshih Rd. It's about 1.8km to the temple. On you way, you'll pass Taichung park and a statium.

By Bus: Taichung Bus Company, 40, 41, 63 and Renyou Bus Company, 20, 53.

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