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Taichung Sea of Flowers

Photo by Claire
Photo by Claire
The theme of the flower sea this year is Charming Xinshe. It is the eleventh year of celebration. There are three exhibition areas. The first exhibition highlight is the peacock, using flower wall to create a peacock flower statue. The flower scenery area is organized with cosmos, sunflower, and sage. From now until December 4th, guests are welcome to enjoy the colorful outdoor experience during the weekends.
Photo by Claire
Photo by Claire
Xinshe Flower Sea covers over 50 hectares, around 30 hectares are flower scenery. In order to present such a large showcase, each area is planted with cosmos, zinnias and rape flowers. Over 6 exhibition halls, fun DIY experience, the Sea of Flowers Festival is the largest and best-known recreational agriculture event in central Taiwan.
※ Reminder:
Visitors are highly encouraged to make transportation plan in advance to avoid traffic.

※ 2016 Sea of Flowers
1. Date:2016/11/05(Sat)-12/04(Sun), 08:30-16:30
2. Location:No.30, Xiexing St., Xinshe Dist., Taichung City
3. Shuttle Bus:(Holidays only)
(1) Pick up-Taiyuan Parking(No.30, Sec. 3, Taiyuan Rd., Beitun Dist., Taichung City), Drop off-Park
(2) Depart:08:00-16:00, From Park:10:00-18:00, bus leaves every 20-30 min
4. Event:11/20(Sun) 09:30-11:00 Holiday Picnic

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