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Taichung Light Festival

3D Light Show
3D Light Show
The 2016 Taichung Light Festival has begun. The theme this year is the city inside the city. With organized light show lighting up the old streets and guided tour explaining the story behind the walls, it is the best way to explore Taichung’s cultural history.

This is the fourth year of the light festival. Due to the popularity, it has become one of the main events in Taichung. From June 18th to July 24th, dazzling light show will light up the old town and old streets accompanied by cultural guided tours. From July 15th to 17th, the largest light show will take place at the Taichung Park Sun Moon Lake. Eight large projectors symbolizing the old town gate with light show displays and the performance of the traditional folk drum artists. It will be an art sensation for both your eyes and ears.

The Old Town Gate Art Exhibition will take place at the original north gate location from June 18th to July 17th. It will be the largest outdoor interaction device re-imagining the old gate. Taking pictures with all four gates, guests will receive a hologram of the gates. It is a fun festival to kick off summer vacation.
【2016 Taichung Light Festival】
1. Light show (3D)
Date:7/15(Fri)-7/17(Sun), 18:30-22:00
Location:Taichung Park Sun Moon Lake
2. Old Town Gate Art Exhibition
Date:6/18(Sat)-7/17(Sun), 19:00-22:30
Location:The original location of the gates
(1) Great East:Jiancheng and Daxing Rd.
(2) Great West:Zhiyo Rd Sec.1 and Linshen Rd.
(3) Great South:228 Park
(4) Small East:Leye 1st Rd. and Jinde Rd.
(5) Small West:Xinda Rd. and Shefu Rd.
(6) Small South:Dongmen Rd. and Donguanyuan Rd.
(7) Small North:Sanmin Rd. and Minchuang Rd.
(8) Wanyue Pavilion:Taichung Park
3. Light and Shadow Old Streets
Date:6/18(Sat)-7/24(Sun), 19:00-22:30
Location:Central District
4. Light and Shadow Party
Date:7/16(Sat), 19:00-22:00
Location:Taichung Park

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