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2015 Cingjing Windmill Festival

Photo provided by Tsing Ching Baiyun Resort
Photo provided by Tsing Ching Baiyun Resort
On July 4th, The 2015 Cingjing Windmill Festival will begin in Cingjing, Nantou. The main themed windmill this year is the “Sheep on the Clouds” along with other dozen colorful designed windmills and over ten thousand small windmill decorations. The event theme is base on the Yunnan culture; the traditional Yunnan costumes are available for rent on the spot, and folk music performances for guests to experience a cultural holiday.

Cingjing located in Nantou, is the most popular summer getaway in Taiwan. The main agriculture event the Cingjing Windmill Festival is the hottest celebration at this time. From July 4th to August 22nd, join the sheep and windmills for the cool summer breeze on the hills.
2015 Cingjing Windmill Festival will be held at Cingjing Farm and Swiss Garden. With different size windmills, the scenery varies each year. This year the festival theme will promote the traditional Yunnan culture. Traditional instrument performances and costumes for rent, it will be an exotic Cingjing vacations and highlight of the summer.
※ 2015 Windmill Festival
2、Location:Cingjing Farm, Nantou
7/4-8/29 Windmill decorating art, Yunnan Costume experience
7/11(sat) Musical Concert
8/15(sat) Summer Afternoon Tea
8/16(sun) Mountain Musical Concert
7/3-8/22 Every Sat & Sun Yunnan Traditional Instrument Performance

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