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Nantou County ─ Hohuanshan ( Mt Hehuan)
Hohuanshan ( Mt Hehuan)-
Hohuanshan is a popular mountain resort in Taiwan, and Hehuan means “harmonious happiness”. The mountain is located between Nantou and Hualien rising to an altitude of some 3,416 meters. Apart from its scenic beauty, it also has a unique ski slope, which has attracted hosts of visitors every winter. Hohuanshan is one of the few places in Taiwan to see snow.
The imposing Shungshia (Pine Snow) Building is the most beautiful structure in the area. Other well-known landmarks are Kenankuan (Obstacle Course Pass) and scenic mountain peaks, which affords magnificent views of the surrounding mountain range. For mountain climbers in winter, it is best to equip oneself with mountain boots, winter coats, thermos flasks, sunglasses and moisturizer. Be prepared to walk on muddy paths for about 2 to 3 kilometers. Drivers to this area must be ware of possible traffic congestion during wintertime.

Accomodation arrangement : There are two places where visitors can find lodging. One is the Shungshia (Pine Snow) Hostel near Wuling. It is operated by the Forestry Department. The other one is the privately owned Loyin (descending eagle) Villa.

A pleasant visit to the mountains ideally warrants a two-day and two-night stay.
Recommended itinerary #1:
Day 1 – stay in Chingjing Farm – drive up to Shirmen Mountain (about 2 hours) – watch the sunrise at Shirmen Mountain – walk to Hohuanshan to watch the sunset – night stay at Shungshia Hostel or Loyin Villa.

Day 2 – from Shungshia Building, drive to Peifung (North Mountain) entrance (about 20 minutes) – hike up to the Peifung Peak (about 2 hours) – return to the mountain entrance (about 40 minutes) – Tayu Peak (about 20 minutes) – drive to Thienshian would take about 3 hours and to Lishan about 1 hour. It takes only 5 minutes to drive from Loyin Villa to Peifung Entrance.

Recommended Itinerary #2 :
Day 1 – Drive from Tayuling to Loyin Villa (about 20 minutes), night stay at Loyin Village. From Loyin Village, walk to Hohuanshan Peifung (North Peak) entrance (about 20 minutes) – hike up to the Peak (about 2 hours) – return to the entrance (about 40 minutes) – walk back to Loyin Village (about 10 minutes).

Day 2 – Drive from Loyin Village to Shirmenshan (about 30 minutes), watch the sunrise – drive to Shungshia Building (about 5 minutes) – hike up to Hehuanshan East Peak (about 1 hour) – return to Shungshia Building (about 20 minutes) – drive to Chingjing Farm for a night stay.

For more information about Hohuangshan, please visit Hehuanshan National Forest Recreation Area's official website.
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By Car :
1. National number 1 highway(國道一號), exit Zhongching offramp(中清交流道), connect to Tai 74 route(台74線), towards Tai 14 route(台14線) to Puli(埔里), pass Wushe(霧社) to reach.

2. National number 3 highway(國道三號), exit Caotun offramp(草屯交流道), connect to Tai 14 route(台14線) to reach.

By Bus :
1. From Puli(埔里) take Nantou bus(南投客運) towards Cuifeng stop(翠峰站), transfer to taxi towards Wuling(武嶺) to reach.

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