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Kaohsiung Attractions

Kaohsiung City ─ Tianliao Moon World
The renowned landscape of similar Moon surface, comes with the name Moon World. The terrain geographically called badlands, caused by rain and streams erosion, over years formed as a deserted view. Nearby Tienleo Moon World is a moon view pavilion in the style of Chinese architecture for tourists to make a stop. The Sun Moon Temple, Fengyungong, mud spring and camping place are great attractions also.

You are able to arrive Tienleo Moon World by Kaohsiung Bus Gouting Line from Ganshan and Tainan, or from Ganshan to Yanchao or Tienleo.

,Yueqiu Rd.,,Tianliao Dist.,,Kaohsiung City,Taiwan (R.O.C.)

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Drive on your own:
No. 1 National Highway (國道一號)-> exit from Luzhu Interchange (路竹交流道) ->184 County Road (184 縣道) -> Ganshan (崗山) for another 5kms -> follow signs to Tianliao Moon World (田寮月世界)

By Bus:
Take Kaohsiung Bus-Guting line (高雄客運-古亭線) from Ganshan (岡山) or Tainan (台南) to Moon World stop (月世界站).

Kaohsiung Hotels

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TWD 4,530+

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Kaohsiung Ever Luck Hotel
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TWD 2,050+


Only 5 min walk to City Council KRT Station and 15 min …
TWD 1,300+

Red Residence Hotel Kaohsiung

Red Residence Hotel Kaohsiung
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TWD 999+

Kaohsiung Han-Hsien Internation…

Kaohsiung Han-Hsien International Hotel
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TWD 2,599+

Uni-Resort Sizihwan

Uni-Resort Sizihwan
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TWD 2,860+

Kiwi Express Hotel - Kaohsiung …

Kiwi Express Hotel - Kaohsiung Station
Kiwi Express Hotel - Kaohsiung Station is a contemporar…
TWD 1,200+

Wang Fu Hotel

Wang Fu Hotel
Wang Fu Hotel is a modern yet elegant hotel, adjacent t…
TWD 1,223+