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Kaohsiung City ─ Rueifong Night Market
Located on Nanping Road in Zuoying District of Kaohsiung City, Taiwan, Rueifong Night Market has a large scale making it the largest night market in Kaohsiung & Pingtung. Rueifong Night Market, even though it isn’t quite as famous as the Liouhe Night Market, but it is certainly a popular night market that has been favored by the locals for over 20 years. Just like every other Taiwan night markets, Rueifong Night Market does not only offer a wide selection of local snacks, but also packed with youth oriented and multi-dimensional delicacies due to the population of youngsters attracted by the nearby Shinkuchan Commercial Zone.

Other than food stalls with local Taiwanese delicacies, different varieties of food such as Japanese’s hot and spicy fish roe, Salty and crispy mushroom, bacon cheese potato melt and Mongolian barbecue will also be found here, and certainly became one of the major selling point for Rueifong Night Market. One other thing that separates Rueifong Night Market to the rest of the night markets around the country is its different layout, rather than spreading out along the streets stretching down the road, Rueifong was formed in a large rectangle in the size of a large city block containing over 500 stalls in total.

This over 20 years old night market is also known as one of the best managed night markets in Taiwan, with 2 car parks accommodating visitors from all around the country, and KRT’s R14 Kaohsiung Arena Station nearby, the Rueifong Night Market is definitely worth a visit. Do not visit the night market at the wrong time! Rueifong Night Market is available only on every Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.

,Nanping Road,Zuoying District,Kaohsiung City,Taiwan (R.O.C.)

scenery features:

Over 20 years of serving the locals, Rueifong Night Market is a place where the locals enjoy cheap and good food.

opening hours:

Rueifong Night Market is available on Tue., Thu., & Fri.-Sun.

available parking areas:

Parking lot

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Drive on your own:
No. 1 National Highway (國道一號) -> exit from Dingjing Interchange (鼎金系統交流道) -> Minzu Road (民族路) -> make a left turn towards city center -> Mincheng Road (明誠路) -> make a right turn to Zhonghua 1st road (中華一路) -> make a left turn at Meishu N. 3rd Rd. (美術北三路) -> Rueifong Night Market (瑞豐夜市)

No. 3 National Highway (國道三號) -> exit interchange from Boai Road (博愛路) -> Dazhong Road (大中路) -> Boai Road (博愛路) -> San-Min Home Economics & Commerce Vocational High School (高雄市立三民家商) on Yucheng Road (裕誠路) -> Rueifong Night Market (瑞豐夜市)

By Bus:
Take Kaohsiung City Bus (高雄市公車) no. 24, 91, or 301 from Kaohsiung Train Station (高雄火車站) to San-Min Home Economics & Commerce Vocational High School (高雄市立三民家商) on Yucheng Road (裕誠路). Rueifong Night Market (瑞豐夜市) is reachable with a short stroll from Yucheng Road (裕誠路).

By Kaohsiung KRT:
Take Kaohsiung KRT to KRT K-Arena Station.

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