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Only 5 min walk to City Council KRT Station and 15 min …
TWD 1,000+

Kaohsiung Ever Luck Hotel

Kaohsiung Ever Luck Hotel
Ever Luck Hotel is a cozy Kaohsiung hotel with an excel…
TWD 1,800+

Uni-Resort Sizihwan

Uni-Resort Sizihwan
Uni-Resort Sizihwan features the best view of the bay e…
TWD 2,860+

New Funhouse Life Hotel

New Funhouse Life Hotel
With superb location in Kaohsiung, New Funhouse Life Ho…
TWD 788+

Kaohsiung Han-Hsien Internation…

Kaohsiung Han-Hsien International Hotel
Han-Hsien International Hotel is a comfortable Kaohsiun…
TWD 2,599+

Kiwi Express Hotel - Kaohsiung …

Kiwi Express Hotel - Kaohsiung Station
Kiwi Express Hotel - Kaohsiung Station is a contemporar…
TWD 1,200+