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Kaohsiung Attractions

Kaohsiung City ─ Agongdian Reservoir
Agongdian means Grandfather’s shop. The reservoir is on the upper part of Agongdian River in Kaohsiung City. It is the first reservoir completed after Taiwan restoration in 1954. The two thousand- meter long reservoir is the longest one in Taiwan and Asia.

Agongdian Reservoir is appointed with flood prevention, irrigation and water supplies capability. The reservoir boasts mesmerizing natural surroundings. However, with a location near military base and in the remote countryside, it is relatively unknown to most people. Currently, the reservoir is open to public. However, there are no direct express buses to this part of the countryside. Visitors have to go on their own motorcycles or hike from Yanchao on foot.

No.9,Gongcheng Rd.,,Yanchao Dist.,,Kaohsiung City,Taiwan (R.O.C.)

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Drive on your own:
No. 1 National Highway (國道一號)-> exit from Ganshan Interchange (岡山交流道) -> 186 County Road (186縣道) -> Yanchao (燕巢) -> Yanchao Xinsheng Road (燕巢新生路) -> 14 Town Road (14鄉道) -> Agondian Reservoir (阿公店水庫風景區)

By Bus:
Take Kaohsiung Bus (高雄客運) bound for Ganshan (岡山) or Yanchao (燕巢) to Agondian Reservoir (阿公店水庫風景區).

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Only 5 min walk to City Council KRT Station and 15 min …
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