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Hualien Specials

Hualien Yam

Hualien Yam

Hualien Yam is one of the most popular specialties of Hualien. They are freshly baked purple yams made by locally grown purple sweet potato. These yams have a sweet and a distinctive flavor of its own and can be found in many Hualien shops. Today, other than purple Hualien Yams, visitors may also find a number of other creative snacks such as stuffed Hualien Yam with Mochi (glutinous rice cake) as a souvenir for families and friends

Dairy Products

Dairy Products

The unspoiled land and fresh water source make Rueisuei Pasture becomes one of the areas that produce high-quality dairy products in Taiwan. For dairy product gourmets, experience a wonderful pastoral trip to Rueisuei Town and sample a wide array of dairy products include cheesecakes, fresh cheese, fresh milk, frozen dairy products milk candies, and nougats. 

Hualien WontonHualien Wonton

There are many wonton houses in Hualien. Among those wonton houses, the 2 most well-known wonton houses are Dai’s Wonton House, and Yi Ping Xian Wonton House. The Fragrant Wonton has been in business for over 70 years, while Dai’s Wonton House (Dai’s Bienshi) is extremely famous as a result being the favorite of a former Taiwan President. These mouth-watering wontons possess a silky smooth skin, yet strong enough to hold the succulent juices of the pork filling.

Hualien Mochi (Glutinous Rice Cake)

Enriched by abundant natural resources, Hualien is famous for Mochi (glutinous rice cake) which is a traditional snack originally comes from Amis and known as “Du Ron”. In the past, Mochi was a very precious snack that was only available during festivals and before the Amis men went out to fish. Mochi is mainly made by sweet potato, red rice and uncontaminated water that are locally sourced. Today, Mochi is made into a wide array of flavors making it a great souvenir choice for families and friends.

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Astar Hotel

Astar Hotel
Astar Hotel is a contemporary Hualien hotel located next to the ocearn with easy access to…
TWD 1,925+

Da Shih Hotel

Da Shih Hotel
Da Shih Hotel is centrally located in Hualien City with easy access to Taroko National Par…
TWD 1,300+

True Friends Inn

F HOTEL Hualien Zhongxiao
True Friends Inn- Hualien is grand opened in 2014. Situated in the center of Hualien, and…
TWD 1,750+