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Hualien Hotels

Astar Hotel

Astar Hotel
Astar Hotel is a contemporary Hualien hotel located next to …
TWD 2,100+

F HOTEL Hualien Zhongxiao

F HOTEL Hualien Zhongxiao
F HOTEL Hualien Zhongxiao is located in the center of Hualie…
TWD 2,600+

MESASA Garden Motel

Ji Mei Homestay
MESASA Garden Motel is a cozy Hualien hotel, perfectly desig…
TWD 1,980+

Mirakami Inn

Ji Mei Homestay
Mirakami Inn is a modern Hualien hotel close to Jhihsyue Rai…
TWD 1,560+

Hualien Charming City Hotel

Ji Mei Homestay
Hualien Charming City Hotel offers contemporarily designed H…
TWD 2,200+

Unique Holiday Inn

Ji Mei Homestay
Unique Holiday Inn is a nice Hualien hotel located close to …
TWD 1,650+