Sheipa Leisure Farm Hsinchu is located about 1,923 meters above sea level which is the only and closest private farm to the Sheipa National Park. The farm is only about 6.5km from the Guanwu Recreation Area of Sheipa National Park where you may also visit the magnificent Guanwu Waterfalls. The successful plantation of flowers and fruits as well as the geographic advantage with precious surroundings, Sheipa Leisure Farm is coated in different colors during each season.

January - March: Plum Flowers, Blueberry Flowers, and Maples
April – June: Pear Flowers, Peony Flowers, Roses, Azalea, Kiwi Flowers
July – September: Blueberries, Pears, Roses, Garden balsam
October – December: Kiwis, Snow Pears, Maples

Explore the farm on your own or you may join guided tours to explore the hidden beauties including  Yemakan Mountain, Sacred Trees and Qing Spring Cathotic Church for an unforgettable Taiwan travel. 

No rooms available for Sheipa Leisure Farm.
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