Located within famous Jiaoxi Hot Spring district, Resort One Hotel Jiaoxi Yilan is a luxury hot spring hotel boasting exquisite accommodations, interesting recreational facilities, and convenience in location. This hot spring hotel is reachable with a three-minute walk from Jiaoxi Railway Station, and a short ride from Taipei City via Hsueishan Tunnel. Jiaoxi Hot Spring is one of a very rare hot springs in Taiwan that is extremely rich in minerals. Besides a joyful accommodation experience at Resort One Hotel, guests are recommended to visit nearby Yilan attractions such as National Center for Traditional Arts- a spacious complex park features traditional arts of Taiwan including performances, and DIY activities, Yilan Distillery- a winery established by Taiwan Tabacco & Liquor Cooperation available for a detailed understanding of Taiwan wine history, and Memorial Hall of Founding of Yilan Administration- the former official residence of magistrates in a mixed Japanese and Western architectural style with a valuable old camphor tree of more than 100 years old. With an ideal location in Jiaoxi Hot Spring District and a short distance to Taipei and other Yilan attractions, Resort Hotel One offers guest selective choices for your Taiwan travel.

No rooms available for Resort One Hotel.
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