Tamsui Old Street Tour Guides

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Day 1
Tamsui Old Street→Tamsui Ferry→Bali→Bali Bike Trail→Bali→Tamsui Ferry→Tamsui Fisherman's Wharf
Day 2
Tamsui Longshan Temple → 步行 → Tamsui Zushi Temple → 步行 → Fuyou Temple (The Temple of Blessings) → 步行 → Tamsui Red Castle → 步行 → Little White House Tamsui(The Former Residence of Danshui Tax Division Customs) → 步行 → Tamsui Former British Consulate → 步行 → Fort San Domingo

Second Day: Tamsui Longshan Temple→Tamsui Zushi Temple→Fuyou Temple(The Temple of Blessings)→Tamsui Red Castle→ Little White House Tamsui→Former British Consulate→Fort San Domingo