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(Nantou) Two-day Tour at Cingjing Farm and Lushan

December 17, 2009
Lushan Hot Spring

Lushan Hot Spring

As the only landlocked county in Taiwan, Nantou is blessed with abundant natural resources and attractive views. Nantou has many popular attractions such as Cingjing Farm, Lushan Hot Spring, Shanlinxi, Sitou (or Xitou), and Chichi Town. It would be great to visit Nantou for your vacation!
Our suggested Nantou two-day tour schedule is the following:

Day One:
Wushe Incident Memorial Park- Cingjing Farm-
Shangrila Hanging Garden & Resort

Day Two:
Cingcing (Green Green) Grassland- Small Swiss Garden- Cingjing Walking Trails- Lushan Hot Spring- Lu Shan Garden Resort

Guests may take King Bus at the Taipei Main Station (West Bus Station) to Puli Township in Nantou, and transfer by the Nantou Bus to Wushe (total about five hours). Wushe Incident Memorial Park is the main entrance to the famous Aowanda, Cingjing Farm, Dayuling, Hehuanshan, Lishan, and Wuling Farm. The park features statues of Taiwanese aboriginal heroes who fought the Japanese during Japanese colonial period in 1930, a gate, and momentums. After seeing the historical architectures, guests may visit Cingjing Farm for its beautiful sceneries. The Cingjing Farm features the Green Green Grassland, Small Swiss Garden, a fruit farm, and six different walking trails. Guests may enjoy the sheep shearing show at the Green Green Grassland, appreciate color flowers at Small Swiss Garden, taste extreme sweet fruits at the fruit farm, and get close to the nature at each walking trail. Then guests may take Nantou Bus to Lushan (about one hour). Lushan is a famous spot for taking hot springs. Its carbonic sodium spring is both bathable and drinkable; it is ideal for heat hydrotherapy. Guests may stay at Lu Shan Garden Resort to take relaxing hot spring baths.

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