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(Hsinchu) Delicious Cuisine in Hsinchu

May 15, 2009

The most famous specialties in Hsinchu are Hsinchu rice noodle and Hsinchu meatball. However, there are many popular and delicious snacks other than those two. The following is a list of “Must –Eat Snacks” and “Best Souvenirs” selected by local citizen.

“Must–Eat Snacks”
1. Azhong Ice Shop(No. 187, Dongmen St., Hsinchu City & No. 21, Guanghua East St., Hsinchu City & No. 57 Xida Rd., Hsinchu City)阿忠冰店 (新竹市東門街187號總店、光華東街21號光華店及西大路57號西大店)
2. Acheng(In front of the City God Temple in Hsinchu City)阿城號 (新竹市城隍廟口)
3. Lin’s Braised Food(Every traditional market in Hsinchu City)林記滷味 (新竹市各大市場)
4. Liu’s Stewed Ground Pork Over Rice in Temple of the City God(No. 75, Zhongshan Rd., Hsinchu City)城隍廟柳家肉燥飯 (新竹市中山路75號城隍廟內)
5. Zheng’s Fishball(No. 75, Zhongshan Rd., Hsinchu City)鄭家魚丸 (新竹市中山路75號城隍廟內)
6. Nonpareil Beef Noodle(No. 48, Beimen St., Hsinchu City)極品牛肉麵 (新竹市北門街48號)
7. Sanchangjiangdian(No. 487, Sec. 2, Jingguo Rd., Hsinchu City)三廠姜店 (新竹市經國路2段487號)
8. Los Angeles Beef Noodle(No. 752, Sec. 2, Guangfu Rd., Hsinchu City)洛杉磯牛肉麵 (新竹市光復路2段752號)
9. Cheng’s Rice Dumpling(No. 49, Beimen St., Hsinchu City & No. 81, Sec. 2, Jingguo Rd., Hsinchu City)成家肉粽 (新竹市北門街49號、經國路2段81號)
10. Ahui’s Ice Shop(No. 17, Guanghua second St., Hsinchu City & No. 86, Xian St., Hsinchu City)阿惠冰店 (新竹市光華2街17號、新竹市西安街86號)
11. Master Jin’s Scallion Steamed Buns(No. 53, Beida Rd., Hsinchu City & No. 358- 3, Sec. 1, Guangfu Rd., Hsinchu City & No. 69, Beimen St., Hsinchu City & No. 173, Xinxing Rd., Xinfeng Town, Hsinchu County)金師父金蔥燒包 (新竹市北大路53號、光復路1段358之3號、北門街69號、新竹縣新豐鄉新興路173號)
12. Ma’s Noodle Restaurant(No. 55, Wuling Rd., Hsinchu City)馬家麵店 (新竹市武陵路55號) 13. Huanghua Ice Shop(No. 35, Guanghua St., Hsinchu City)光華冰果室 (新竹市光華街35號)
14. West North Snacks(No. 191, Zhongshan Rd., Hsinchu City)西北小吃 (新竹市中山路191號) 15. Jinlian’s Stewed Ground Pork Over Rice(No. 86 Beimen St., Hsinchu City and No. 132, Sec 2, Guangfu Rd., Hsinchu City)金連魯肉飯 (新竹市北門街86號、光復路2段132號)

“Best Souvenirs”
1. Hairei meatball(No. 98, Ximen St., Hsinchu City)海瑞貢丸 (新竹市西門街98號)
2. Hsinchu Black Cat Bun (made of native black pork)(No. 187, Beimen St., Hsinchu City)新竹黑貓包 (新竹市北門街187號)
3. Xinmeinaisi Food(No.94 Zhongzheng Rd., Hsinchu City)新美乃斯食品 (新竹市中正路94號)
4. Zhengyi Glass(No. 1, 650 Lane, Hsinchu City)正一玻璃 (新竹市明湖路650巷1號)
5. Xinfuzhen Store(No. 6, Beimen St., Hsinchu City)新復珍商行 (新竹市北門街6號城隍廟前)
6. Nanxing Food(No. 97, 357 Lane, Yanping Rd., Hsinchu City)南興食品 (新竹市延平路1段357巷97號)
7. Grey Mullet by Hsinchu Fishermen’s Association(No. 100, 20 Lane, Sec. 3, Xibin Rd., Hsinchu City)新竹區漁會烏魚產銷班 (新竹市西濱路3段20巷100號)
8. Qiu’s Mochi(No. 807, Sec. 6, Zhonghua Rd., Hsinchu City)邱記麻糬 (新竹市中華路6段807號)
9. Zenghexing Rice Noodle(No.43, 317 Lane, Sec. 1, Yanping Rd., Hsinchu City)曾合興米粉 (新竹市延平路1段317巷43號)
10. Mingsheng Glass(No. 14, 106 Lane, Huajiang St., Hushan Li, Hsinchu City)銘昇玻璃 (新竹市虎山里華江街106巷14號)
Reference Resources: Hsinchu Government.

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